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A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born

Im romantischen Musical A Star Is Born, Bradley Coopers Regiedebüt, verhilft er einer von Lady Gaga gespielten Künstlerin zu Anerkennung, während sein eigenes Leben zunehmend im Chaos versinkt.

Handlung von A Star Is Born
Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), ein Star der Country-Musik, hilft der aufstrebenden unbekannten Ally (Lady Gaga), ihren Traum zu verfolgen und endlich Bekanntheit zu erlangen. Doch während er ihr als Mentor zur Seite steht und auch Gefühle zwischen den beiden entstehen, sabotiert er seine eigene Karriere zunehmend und kann es nur schwer verwinden, als sie schließlich berühmter wird als er selbst.

Hintergrund & Infos zu A Star Is Born

Mit A Star Is Born gab Schauspieler Bradley Cooper sein Regiedebüt. Seine Planung des Projektes begann zur Zeit, als er unter Clint Eastwood den Film American Sniper drehte. Zunächst wollte er Beyoncé Knowles in der weiblichen Hauptrolle sehen, doch als die Verhandlungen mit der Sängerin fehlschlugen, wurde Lady Gaga zum Vorsprechen eingeladen. Die Screen-Tests zwischen ihr und Bradley Cooper beeindruckten die Studiobosse bei Warner Bros. derart durch die Chemie zwischen den beiden, dass der Film sofort grünes Licht bekam.

A Star Is Born ist bereits das vierte Remake des Stoffes um eine aufsteigende Newcomerin und ihren berühmten, aber selbstzerstörerischen Unterstützer: 1937 führte William A. Wellman in seinem Drama Ein Stern geht auf (OT: A Star Is Born) zunächst Janet Gaynor und Fredric March zusammen. 1954 verhalf James Mason dem Talent von Judy Garland in George Cukors Musikfilm Ein neuer Stern am Himmel (OT: A Star Is Born) zum Aufstieg. Und 1976 legte Frank Pierson das Musical A Star Is Born mit Barbra Streisand und Kris Kristofferson neu auf. Judy Garland, James Mason, Kris Kristofferson und Barbra Streisand gewannen zu ihrer Zeit alle einen Golden Globe für ihre Darstellungen. Außerdem wurde “Evergreen” als bester Song 1977 mit einem Oscar gekürt. Das Originaldrehbuch aus dem Jahr 1937 erhielt ebenfalls einen Academy Award. (ES)

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Consequence of Sound

Bradley Cooper directed the remake and also co-stars alongside Gaga

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Lady Gaga makes her feature film debut in Bradley Cooper’s remake of A Star is Born. Ahead of the film’s October 5th release, the first trailer has arrived and you can watch it below.

In addition to directing the film, Cooper co-stars alongside Gaga. He plays a season musician named Jack Maine, who discovers and falls in love with a struggling musician named Ally (played by Gaga). “She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer until Jack coaxes her into the spotlight,” reads a plot synopsis. “But even as Ally’s career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is down, as Jack fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons,”

As previewed in the trailer, the film features original music which Gaga wrote with Cooper and a handful of other musicians, including Lukas Nelson, Jason Isbell, and Mark Ronson. All of the music is original and was recorded live.

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Robot to star in new Tony Kaye movie 2nd Born

Watch out human actors. Robots could be competing for your roles.

Tony Kaye wants to cast a real robot in his next movie.

Robot characters have been featured in movies for over a century, starting with the 1921 film The Mechanical Man.

But now British filmmaker Tony Kaye (American History X) wants to hire an AI actor to star in his upcoming movie 2nd Born.

Kaye plans to cast an AI robot, which he plans to train in various acting methods. (Fingers crossed for Marlon Brando-style method acting technique.)

Kaye and producer Sam Khoze came up with the idea of skipping usual computer-generated visual effects in favor of an actual physical AI robot as an actor.

They’re also hoping the robot will get recognition from the Screen Actors Guild, according to a report from Deadline on Wednesday.

The film 2nd Born, which hasn’t been written yet, will be a sequel to the upcoming 2018 indie comedy 1st Born (directed by Ali Atshani and starring Val Kilmer, Tom Berenger and Denise Richards, among others).

That film’s about a young Iranian and an American couple whose complicated pregnancy forces their families to find common ground.

What’s this? Hiring a robot actor play a human role? When there are so many great human actors who could play the part, it’s hard to put this on anything other than any-human bias in Hollywood. Still a botsclub.

The reaction to the robot casting isn’t all positive.

Comedian Pat Dixon tweeted on Wednesday, “What’s this? Hiring a robot actor play a human role? When there are so many great human actors who could play the part, it’s hard to put this on anything other than any-human bias in Hollywood. Still a botsclub.”

More robots

Robots are getting more and more savvy when it comes to performance. They’ve already danced , appeared in plays and operas and done stand-up comedy .

The big screen feels like a logical next step.

No official word yet on the plot or casting choices for 2nd Born.

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A Star Is Born 1954


Critics Consensus: A Star is Born is a movie of grand scope and intimate moments, featuring Judy Garland’s possibly greatest performance.

Tomatometer Not Available.


Critic Consensus: A Star is Born is a movie of grand scope and intimate moments, featuring Judy Garland’s possibly greatest performance.

A Star Is Born Photos

Movie Info

Hal Erickson, Rovi

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Critic Reviews for A Star Is Born

In this incandescent performance, [Judy Garland] seems to be playing on her nerves: she cannot but strike at ours.

Garland’s work. should be right in the middle of the conversation about the best performances given in any era by any onscreen performer.

When A Star is Born works, though, it’s painful for the right reasons.

Not being a fan of the movie musical, I got bored with the production numbers.

George Cukor’s musical drama, the second version of Star Is Born, is his masterpiece, an emotionally touching tale in which Judy Garland renders her most impressive performance as dramatic actress.

The film remains timely for the themes of fame and success it explores with such great scope and emotion

[The] musical numbers are impressive, but I was far more amazed by some of the simpler moments.

A Star is Born totally lives up to its reputation. The performances are great, and the story is the sort that completely sucks you in.

I can’t say the songs add much to the story line, but they are entertaining taken on their own.

Judy Garland, for all her personal problems, shows on the screen why she’s a star.

A classic! Garland at her best ever. Make sure you see the restored version.

Audience Reviews for A Star Is Born

A has-been actor introduces and later marries a singer/actress. An epic, grandiose, and timeless tale, George Cukor’s remake of A Star Is Born is a fantastic tour de force for its stars and is a visual delight. The film’s actors, Judy Garland and James Mason, are in top form (though I can’t help noting how singularly similar Garland is to her daughter, Liza Minnelli; at times I didn’t know whom I was watching). The spectacle of some of the musical numbers, which at times might be over-long, is beyond compare, and at its heart, the film is a very human story. Oddly feminist, the film privileges Vicki Lester’s success over that of her husband, but at the same time there is no doubt that she could not have made it on her talent alone. Is this a condemnation of the business or latent misogyny? Overall, whatever the film’s meandering flaws may be, it is nonetheless a classic for a very good reason.

Altough slow at times, a Perfect movie. How Judy Garland could have lost this oscar is unbelievable. One of the best performances of all time!

Garland was already a star, I wouldn’t have chose her to star in this remake. I want to see the original movie eventually.

Wow, I was expecting more. About an hour in I was bored and confused. it wasn’t until I read turfseer’s review was some of my confusion explained. About the production stills and lost footage, etc and it’s one of those things where I understand that they couldn’t have done anything about it, but yikes does it really rake on the flow of storytelling. Anyway, if you’re looking for a flashy stage musical, this isn’t it. But if you do want to hear powerful, belting Judy Garland songs, this is your film! And it does sound bolder than Wizard of Oz (LOVE it, and the only other Garland I’d seen before this). ‘Somewhere There’s a Someone’ was the most amusing and cute number, while Garland’s breakdown in the dressing room and then having to pull it together for another take was really powerful and shows how actors have to do it. Respect. Now as for story, the focus seemed to vacillate between Blodgett and Maine. Who was the story really about? I liked the last hour, but it could have been severely edited. Almost 3 hours?! Sheesh. I dunno, I expected more and it could have been better. A lot better.

A Star Is Born Trailer (2018)

Trailer for the remake A Star Is Born, starring Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, Dave Chappelle and Anthony Ramos.

In this new take on the tragic love story, four-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper (American Sniper, American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook) plays seasoned musician Jackson Maine, who discovers — and falls in love with — struggling artist Ally (played by multiple award-winning, Oscar-nominated music superstar Lady Gaga). She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer . until Jack coaxes her into the spotlight. But even as Ally’s career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down, as Jack fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons.

If you were surprised to see that Bradley Cooper not only stars but directed the film, don’t be. The actor slash part-time director has been dreaming of getting behind the camera for this remake while he was still working on American Sniper.

The only catch was that his initial thought was to have Beyonce co-star with him. She’s got the chops required for this sort of role, but he was quickly forced to give up when negotiations failed. Maybe she felt she did too similar a role with Dreamgirls?

It seems like the early disappointment was a blessing in disguise, as Cooper and Lady Gaga’s screentest together went so well that Warner Bros quickly greenlit the project.

I am surprised by how much I like this first trailer for A Star is Born. Whether it’s Bradley Cooper’s haunting look of a rock star or Lady Gaga’s girl next door appeal here, the pair definitely add a wonderful dynamic to the screen. Top that off with terrific music and exceptional cinematography, and Warner Bros could really have something here.

For now we are going to let it slide that this is in face the fourth remake of this story.

2 min 24 sec

Posted On
June 07, 2018

Bradley Cooper

Eric Roth

Warner Bros Pictures

October 5, 2018

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‘A Star is Born’ Trailer: Bradley Cooper Gets Outshined By Lady Gaga

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 by Hoai-Tran Bui

Hollywood is no stranger to remakes, and having A Star is Born remade every 30-or-so years feels like a comforting constant. The latest version offers a new spin to a classic story that has been told and re-told since the 1937 original. The 1954 musical remake starring Judy Garland and the 1976 rock-tinged retelling starring Barbra Streisand have both carved out their own corner in our pop culture memories. And with Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper and pop diva Lady Gaga headlining the newest version, we could have another classic on our hands.

Let’s take a look at the first trailer, shall we?

A Star is Born Trailer

Bradley Cooper makes his directorial debut with A Star is Born, which follows Cooper’s washed out country music star Jackson Maine as he discovers an unknown starlet named Ally (Gaga). Swept away by her talent and beauty, Jackson falls in love with Ally and helps support her burgeoning career. But as Ally’s star quickly rises, Jackson finds that his star has already long faded.

A Star is Born is a familiar story about stardom and fame, nestled within a star-crossed love story. It’s no wonder the film has been remade three times — first in 1954 starring Judy Garland and James Mason, then in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, and now in 2018. The original 1937 film was conceived by David O. Selznick (Gone with the Wind), who wanted to make a serious film about the trappings of Hollywood. The story has since transcended Hollywood, moving to the rock music scene with Streisand and Kristofferson’s retelling and now country music with this version.

It’s been a long road for the new A Star is Born. Back in 2011, it was going to be helmed by Clint Eastwood, with Beyonce set to play the titular starlet. Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, and Tom Cruise were considered for the lead, until Cooper stepped in as both director and star in 2015.

A Star is Born also stars Sam Elliott, Andrew Dice Clay, and Dave Chappelle.

Here is the official synopsis for A Star is Born:

Country music star Jackson Maine discovers an unknown but talented singer named Ally. As her career quickly takes off, Jackson starts to realize that his best days may be behind him.

A Star is Born opens in theaters on October 5, 2018.

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The first trailer for A Star Is Born is here and Lady Gaga already deserves an Oscar

A Star is Born

You already knew she was a master musician. But Wednesday’s premiere of the first trailer for A Star Is Born — Lady Gaga’s feature debut as a Hollywood lead — opened the book on a new chapter of the pop icon’s career as a performative legend on the big screen. And, if Warner Bros. plays its cards right, Oscar might soon come knocking on the door of the Bradley Cooper-directed picture that fuses Gaga’s talents as a songwriter with her electric chutzpah as a bona fide showgirl. But, Gaga and Cooper — both nominees for their work on past projects — aren’t the only Academy-verified players fueling this likely contender’s ascent into the upcoming awards season fold. Here are five other Oscar-centric takeaways from the first trailer for A Star Is Born.

Matthew Libatique’s stunning cinematography

A long-gestating project that follows previous iterations released in 1937, 1954, and 1976, A Star Is Born came together after years of stalled reboots with a revolving door of actors (Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé were reportedly considered for the female lead over the years) passing through at various stages. The studio stayed with the evergreen industry romance, however, this time as it follows an aging crooner named Jackson Maine (Cooper) who takes a shy singer, Ally (Gaga) under his wing as he fades away. Perhaps not the most obvious choice as director of photography, Matthew Libatique’s singular style still takes center stage in the just-released trailer.

As prolific as he is talented — he’s amassed 61 credits since 1993, Mother!, The Fountain, Chi-Raq, and Straight Outta Compton among them — the cinematographer is long overdue for a follow-up nomination after his work on Darren Aronofsky’s thriller Black Swan secured his freshman nod in 2011. And if the preview for A Star Is Born is any indication, he could be looking at nomination No. 2 thanks to gorgeous shots like this:

But, Libatique’s mastery shines far beyond his ability to capture a striking image. The way he harnesses light and color to make an emotional statement has long punctuated his career, whether it’s as simple as adding a gilded, sun-kissed splash of warmth to a shot of a lover caressing his partner’s cheek or bathing the darkened face of a morose artist in brief flashes of white-hot paparazzi bulbs. Take, for example, the following frames lifted from the trailer as Jackson coaxes a timid Ally to share her talents with a crowd of onlookers for the first time. The stage is halved by distinct, separate shades of red and green — perhaps representing Jackson’s passion and Ally’s untarnished innocence — that blend together across Ally’s face as she takes control of the microphone and accepts the euphoric mixture of their worlds.

Original music written by a slew of Gaga staples, from DJ White Shadow to Mark Ronson

Yes, A Star Is Born features numerous original tracks crafted by some of music’s leading voices, but the film is far from a musical in the traditional sense. Here, the film’s central romance unfolds against the backdrop of the music industry, and Gaga kept it in her creative family when it came to constructing the soundtrack. Cooper previously told EW he worked with Gaga and her Joanne executive producer Mark Ronson on “The Shallow” (the song that plays at the end of the trailer) as well as Jason Isbell, Lukas Nelson, and Dave Cobb.

Gaga reportedly put in studio time with esteemed songwriter (and nine-time Academy Award nominee) Diane Warren, who co-wrote the pair’s Oscar-nominated tune “Til It Happens to You” in 2015, for one of the film’s power ballads as well. Shortly after the trailer dropped, pop producer DJ White Shadow, who contributed songs to Gaga albums like Born This Way and ARTPOP, announced he’d written “1/3” of the A Star Is Born soundtrack, too. (Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to EW’s request for confirmation on his involvement.)

Perhaps the most interesting bit of information the trailer reveals regarding its accompanying soundtrack is the title of a new song, “Look What I’ve Found,” which Ally can be seen scribbling lyrics for near the tail end of the preview.

Oscar-nominated sound designer Steve Morrow’s live recording

Sure, insider music talent working on original songs for your movie exponentially increase its chances at scoring nods in the corresponding category, but the way the songs live in the fabric of film matters, too. Enter Steve Morrow, the Academy Award-nominated sound designer whose work on the picture might soon follow in the Oscar-verified footsteps of films like La La Land and Les Misérables in that its musical numbers were also recorded live on the A Star Is Born set.

“[Gaga] said, ‘Okay, look, here’s what I want: I want all the music to be live as well. I don’t want it to feel like I’m singing to a playback track because it doesn’t feel right to me. I can always tell; it always affects the performance. I want to sing live, I want the band to be live,’” Morrow told the Next Best Picture podcast back in 2017. “The music supervisors kind of look over at me like, ‘Can we do that?’ Yeah, we can do that. It’s my job to go, ‘Okay, how do we do this?’” he continued. “We come up with a plan and, so far I think we have a good plan.”

Gaga’s stage presence has sold out stadiums and arenas around the world, and her headlining set at Super Bowl LI in February 2017 became the most-watched in the sporting event’s history. Marrying the raw voice with the moves of an artist who once pushed herself so hard she suffered a hip injury mid-concert undoubtedly enhances the authenticity of the film’s musical sequences, and Gaga’s performance looks all the better (and primed for Oscar) as a result.

Strong performances across the board from Sam Elliott and Dave Chappelle

Nabbing the attention of all Oscar voters is key to any film’s trajectory in the awards race. Gaga and Cooper’s star power will boost the film’s profile in that regard. But a tale anchored by a plot centered within the industry itself — helmed by prominent entertainment figures, to boot — is a surefire way straight into the hearts of the most prominent industry guilds and Oscar voters as the film seeks to build a foundation for its awards run. Particularly the Screen Actors Guild (the largest and most influential precursor body with Academy crossover), which loves to anoint actors playing actors and/or musicians (see: La La Land, Chicago, Birdman, Crazy Heart, Walk the Line). Add under-decorated acting vet Sam Elliott as Jackson’s manager and esteemed comedian Dave Chappelle (in an uncharacteristically dramatic part) as the country star’s close friend, Noodles, into the mix, and you have a feast for actors to sink their teeth into when it comes time to fill out those ballots.

Bradley Cooper’s direction

It’s hard to think of a directorial debut that’s had as much buzz around it as this one. Living up to those expectations and sticking a landing with Oscar voters can be a tricky task, however. But if anyone can do it, it’s Cooper: a popular actor with four nods (three for acting, one as the producer of a best picture nominee) to his name. You can feel it in the air: people want this to be a success. And the transition from screen to director’s chair isn’t always easy, though men making the jump typically fare better than women (Barbra Streisand and Angelina Jolie, despite directing films nominated in lesser Oscar categories, have yet to come close to securing best picture victories) in this regard, as Million Dollar Baby‘s Clint Eastwood — himself a producer on A Star Is Born — Kevin Costner (Dances With Wolves), Warren Beatty (Reds), and Mel Gibson (Braveheart) have all won major Academy Awards for directing and/or producing best picture-nominated films after mounting successful careers on the big screen. The film’s fate will be sealed for better or worse when the critics get their hands on the project, but the first footage promises something that’s touching, beautiful, and altogether unexpected: a perfect recipe for subverting expectations and finding a path for its director’s concrete vision.

Still, at this early stage (and with screenings at major Oscar-positioning festivals like Toronto and Telluride presumably on the way), it’s difficult to imagine Cooper’s name not entering the best director race when A Star Is Born hits theaters on Oct. 5 — prime awards season real estate. He admittedly waited a long time for the right project to come his way, and the trailer teases a passionately wrought project that brims with equal parts fiery heart and warm soul, suggesting the time he took to narrow the focus was (probably) well worth the wait.

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