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My Favourite Film (2) – Мой любимый фильм (2)

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Last Tuesday I saw the film “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare. The starring was perfect. Romeo was played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

And I’ll try to tell you about this film. In the town of Verona there were two rich families, the Capulets and the Montagues. There was an old quarrel between those two families. One day Capulet made a great supper. At that supper Romeo saw Juliet and fell in love with her at ones.

Juliet had the same feelings. Romeo asked Juliet to marry him. She agreed, but nobody knew about their plan. The next day Romeo and Juliet came to friar and he married them.

Some days passed and Juliet’s father told her that she was to marry a young man whose name was Paris. Juliet didn’t know what to do. But the friar helped her. He gave her medicine and told her to go home and be ready to marry Paris. But when she drinks that medicine she will sleep for forty – two hours.

Juliet did as the friar told her. Juliet’s parents thought that she was dead and put her into the family tomb. When Romeo heard that Juliet was dead he bought some poison and went to the tomb of the Capulets. Paris was there and Romeo killed him.

Then Romeo kissed Juliet on the lips and drank his poison. At this moment Juliet woke up and saw that the young man was dead. Juliet took a dagger that was on the floor and killed herself.

Перевод топика: Мой любимый фильм (2)

В прошлый вторник я смотрела фильм “Ромео и Джульетта” по Шекспиру. Игра актеров была отличной, Ромео сыграл Леонардо ДиКаприо.

Я попытаюсь рассказать об этом фильме. В городе Верона были две богатые семьи, Капулетти и Монтекки. Те две семьи были в давней ссоре. Однажды Капулетти организовал большой ужин. На этом ужине Ромео увидел Джульетту и сразу же влюбился в нее.
У Джульетты были такие же чувства. Ромео предложил Джульетте выйти за него замуж. Она согласилась, но никто не знал об их плане. На следующий день Ромео и Джульетта пришли к монаху, и он их поженил.
Прошло несколько дней, и отец Джульетты сказал, что ей нужно выйти замуж за молодого человека по имени Парис. Джульетта не знала, что делать. Но монах помог ей. Он дал ей снадобье и сказал идти домой и дать согласие выйти замуж за Париса. Но когда она выпьет снадобье, она будет спать 42 часа.
Джульетта сделала, как сказал монах. Родители Джульетты подумали, что она мертва, и положили ее в фамильный склеп. Когда Ромео узнал, что Джульетта мертва, он купил яд и пошел к склепу Капулетти. Парис был там, и Ромео убил его.
Потом Ромео поцеловал Джульетту в губы и выпил яд. В этот момент Джульетта очнулась и увидела, что молодой человек мертв. Джульетта взяла кинжал, который лежал на полу, и убила себя.

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Romeo and julietThe play, set in Verona, begins with a street brawl between Montague and Capulet supporters who are sworn enemies. The […].

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The Best Film I Have Ever Seen – Самый лучший фильм, который я когда-либо виделLots of people find watching films one of the best ways of spending their leisure time. Due to numerous video […].

My favourite film

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My favourite film

Listen to the speakers talking about their favourite films and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.


Do the preparation exercise before you listen. Then do the other exercises to check your understanding.


Do this exercise before you listen.

Do this exercise while you listen.

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A (girl)
I really like The Notebook; it’s a romantic classic. The story is about a poor boy, called Noah, who meets a rich girl, called Allie, and they fall in love over one summer. But of course there are problems. Allie’s parents don’t approve of Noah because he’s poor and they get separated, then a lot of time passes before they can get together again. She goes away to college and he writes to her every day, but she doesn’t get the letters. Then after quite a long time, Noah buys an old house which he promised to restore for Allie. He does it up and she sees a newspaper article about it and goes to find him again. You can probably guess the rest, but it’s a bit complicated because she is engaged to another man. Noah is played by Ryan Gosling, who’s my favourite actor, and he stops the film being too soppy – but you still cry a lot at the end. Rachel McAdams is really good too, as Allie.

B (boy)
I think my favourite film is Skyfall, the last James Bond movie. It stars Daniel Craig again and Javier Bardem is this really evil baddie. They’re both great, and so is Judi Dench as M, Bond’s boss. It’s a bit different to other Bond films. The story is more important, although there is still a lot of action. It’s really well filmed, especially in the scenes which are shot in Shanghai and Scotland, and it’s really exciting, of course. Bond is also a bit different – although he does amazing things, he seems older and that makes him more human and the story more realistic. Oh, the song by Adele is great, too. You know it won an Oscar?

C (girl)
It’s not a very recent film, but I love Pride and Prejudice – the version with Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet and Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy. The story is really clever and interesting, besides being romantic. It’s all about how we tend to jump to conclusions about people and we’re often completely wrong. Elizabeth thinks Mr Darcy is stuck up and snobbish at the beginning of the film, but at the end she realises she has been completely wrong and he isn’t like that at all. She also realises he has an enormous house and that maybe helps her fall in love with him too! After I saw the film I read the book by Jane Austen and I really recommend that too. Although it was published 200 years ago, it’s still a great read and really funny in parts.

D (boy)
My favourite film has to be The Matrix. Even though it was made back in 1999, it still feels really modern. It’s about this ordinary man, Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, who works with computers during the day and is a hacker at night. One day he is contacted by a woman who introduces him to a very strange man: Morpheus. Morpheus explains to Neo that what he thinks of as real is actually fiction and the world is run by evil machines who have imprisoned and tricked the human race. Laurence Fishburne is terrific as Morpheus, and Keanu Reeves is excellent, but the best thing about the film is the special effects. I can watch it again and again.

E (girl)
Let the Right One In is my favourite film. There are two versions, the first is Swedish and the second American – I prefer the original, Swedish version. It’s a modern vampire film and also a kind of love story, but it’s really unsentimental and a bit scary in places. Oskar is a young boy with a lot of problems. He is being bullied at school and wants revenge on the bullies. Then some new neighbours move in next door and he becomes friends with Eli, a beautiful but strange girl. I won’t tell you any more, because it will spoil the story, but expect a serial killer, a lot of violence and blood-drinking. If you like that kind of thing, you’ll love this.


Have you seen any good films recently? Tell us about them!

We went to an Arabic restaurant before seeing a Russian ballet movie.
ʅ(´-ω-`)ʃ . so what??

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The last film I saw is Black Panther. I think it’s really good. I suggest everybody. (^_^)

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I have seen a lot of films. In my opinion, “Interstellar ” and “the perk of being a wallflower” are awesome.

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I have seen a lot of films lately but I have found IT , WONDER WOMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE really good

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Yes, I have seen. Especially I like political movies. One of them’s name “Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion”. This film tells us about the government’s bureaucracy in 1970s. Recently It hasn’t changed, İ think.

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I don’t have a favorite film but it is a very good film and I like very much. My favorite character is the boy (Ligth) because he is very inteligent.
It’s a really good film.

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Have you watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? i hope to see them and i wonder if they had released.

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My favourite film is Rofl

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I saw many animated films, but my favourite animated film is Inside Out, and my favourite film live-action is Star Wars

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I think the last film I saw was Hunger Games. It is one of my favourite and I saw It a lot of times. It is an action film and I love the actors

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Recently I saw “The other side of the door”,a recent good horror film.
The film talks about a little which have had a car crash and the little child died.
The film continues with the child that infested the little family‘s house
At the end the mum died and the father succeeded to drive out the demon.
With wonderfull special effects
Its a fantastic horror story

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The last film I saw is Interstellar. It was pretty good. It is a science film which talks about the end of our planet. I really liked it

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I saw nerve it was kinda romantic. There are the two protagonist have some dare to do with a limited time. I love this one.

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I don’ t remember the last film i had see

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My favourite kinds of movies are the action movies, romantic,romantic comedies, comedies ,fantasy, etc.

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Recently i went to the cinema and saw Wonder Woman. I was really anxious because the last 2 movies of the DC Cinematic Universe were not so good, so i believed, if Wonder Woman failed too, DC’s reputation would go down. But i really liked the film! The landscapes were beautiful, the actors were quite good, and it made me cry 3 TIMES. Woah. that movie totally filled me with hope of a better future for DC.

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I have seen excellent film , ” Perfetti sconociutti”, italian production.
Very good film!

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Yes, I’ve. I have seen the movie “Grown ups 2”, this movie is very funny because it shows unusual actions in an adult person.
In this film acted Adam Sandler, I think he is the best actor in a funny movie.

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Lately I have not seen any but the last one I saw is called No Manches Frida and it was a comedy movie, with which I had a lot of fun since it was very funny. I currently want to see Compadres in which the same actors come out.

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Harry Potter is the best film I’ve ever seen.I read the story and watch the film between them have many different

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Of course! Recently I have seen interstellar, that movie is awesome beacuse unlike others ends world’s movies this movie get us a confluct between save the humanity or save the people in the earth.

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Recently I have seen ”Your name”- an anime from Japan at cinema.
It’s such a great film about love, youth and destiny.

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It was so great that i watched it fourtimes. So sad that it can not get OSCAR prize . However I wish they could make the same film which will be more famous and beatiful.

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color of paradise is the best.

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thank you learn english teens for asking this question

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of course ! Harry potter movies. i just love it .the last one awaits me. THE DEATHLY HALLOWS

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Firstly,I love science fiction movies and last watched movie is space games. I think movie is very entertaining and good. People are war ailen.

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I’ve seen recently “Aliados”, the story of a spy cuple. It takes place in Sahara Desert in the beggining, and after in England. I’ts exciting until the end.

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Hi amarti. Thanks for the recommendation! I think this film’s English title is Allied. 🙂
Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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My favourite film is “Pirates of th

My favourite film is “Pirates of the Caribbean”. There are four parts in the film. All of them are very interesting and captivating. But I like the first part “Curse of the Black Pearl”most of all.

This film is about the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, his friends and his crew. They must find Jack’s ship “the Black Pearl” which was stolen by Jack’s enemy Captain Barbossa. The actors played their roles very professionally and brilliantly. The film is full of witty humor. It is very romantic.

My favourite character in this film is Captain Jack Sparrow. He is very strange, witty and reckless. But he is totally loveable.

Cinematography and costumes also made a great contribution to the film. All the elements of the movies are done very realistically.

I advise you to watch this movie. I’m sure you’ll like it very much.

Waiting for your reply.

With best wishes,

Мой любимый фильм “Пираты Карибского моря”. Есть четыре части в фильме. Все они очень интересные и увлекательные. Но мне нравится первая часть “Проклятие Черной жемчужины” больше всего. Это фильм о приключениях капитана Джека Воробья, его друзей и его экипажа. Они должны найти корабль Джека “Черная жемчужина”, который был украден врагом Джека Капитан Barbossa. Актеры сыграли свои роли очень профессионально и ярко. Фильм полон остроумных юмора. Это очень романтично. Мой любимый персонаж в этом фильме капитан Джек Воробей. Он очень странно, остроумный и безрассудным. Но он полностью привлекательный. кинематографии и костюмы внес большой вклад в кино. Все элементы кино делается очень реалистично. Я советую вам смотреть этот фильм. Я уверен, что вы будете очень нравится. Жду вашего ответа. С наилучшими пожеланиями, Марина.

Мой любимый фильм “Пираты Карибского моря”. Существует четыре части в фильме. Все они очень интересный и захватывающий. Но я хотел бы в первой части “проклятие черной жемчужины””большинство из всех.

Это фильм о приключениях капитана Джека Воробья, его друзей и его экипажа. Они должны найти домкрат корабль “Черный жемчуг”, которая была похищена, Джек – враг капитан Barbossa.Действующие лица играют свою роль очень профессионально и просто блестяще. Фильм полон опалу юмора. Романтичное.ветровому мой любимый символ в данном фильме, капитана Джека Воробья. Он очень странно, молодо и безответственно. Но он полностью при поддержке поляков старший сын Владимира Святополк.ветровому кинематографии и костюмы также внес большой вклад в фильм. Все элементы фильмы, которые сделали очень реалистично.

Я рекомендую вам посмотреть этот фильм. Я уверен, что вам очень нравится.ветровому ждём вашего ответа.ветровому с наилучшими пожеланиями,ветровому Марина.

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IELTS Cue Card Sample 15 – Your favourite movie

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe Your Favourite movie.

You should say:

  • What is the name of the movie/ film?
  • What is the theme of the movie/ film?
  • Why do you like it?

and describe the story of the movie in brief.

Follow-up Questions:
• Describe a war movie you like.
• What’s the difference between the movies or your country and Hollywood movies?
• What do you think of the violent films?
• Why movies need computer techniques? Any example of movies using computer techniques?
• Which parts of a movie are the most important and how to improve it?

Possible Answer:
The name of my favourite movie is ‘Casablanca’ which was directed by Michael Curtiz. It was released in 1943 and the story was adopted from a stage-play named ‘Everybody comes to Ricks’. The movie starred Humphery Bogart & Ingrid Bergman and was made in the USA. It was a romantic drama film and the storyline was set during the World War II.

It focuses on a man torn between love & virtue. In 1941 American expatriate Rick who professed to be neutral by all means met his former lover Ilsa in his nightclub & gambling den. She was accompanied by her husband, Laszlo, a renowned fugitive Czech Resistance Leader. They needed a letter to escape to America, where he can continue his work against Nazis. German Major came to Casablanca to see that Laszlo does not succeed. One night Ilsa confronted Rich in the deserted cafe and asked for the letter. She threatened him with a gun for the letter and later on confessed that she still loves him. Rick’s bitterness dissolved learning that IIsa was married to Laszlo before even their relationship began. When Rick and IIsa planned to fly together, she could not do so because all of a sudden she found that her husband was still alive and needed her badly to recover. Hearing the story Rick calmed down and agreed to give the letter to Laszlo so that he can fly to America safely. They would take a different path to fly away together. But finally, Rick let IIsa and Laszlo fly to America which surprised IIsa very much.

In 1989, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry a being deemed ‘Culturally’, ‘Historically’ and ‘Aesthetically’ significant. It is the 2nd best movie of all time based on AFI’s 100 best movies of all time.

I’ve seen the movie more than 2-3 times. The story is excellent, the casting, plot, acting, dialogues and all other aspects of the movie are superb. The movie deeply touched me and became the most favourite movie I have ever seen.

Preparation Tips for this cue card topic:

As part of your preparation for this cue card chose a movie that was based on real war and has historic value and was adopted from a book. Doing so you would be able to answer the following cue cards as well:

1. Describe a movie that was made based on a real event.
2. Describe a movie that created based on a historic event.
3. Describe a war movie you have watched.
4. Talk about a film which was adapted from a book.
5. Talk about a critically acclaimed film you that you watched.
6. Describe the best film you saw this year.

Following are some of such Hollywood movies/ films that you can describe. To pick such movie names and their details those were made in your own country, Google it.

Movies based on real events:
Empire State
Act of Valor
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
The Devil’s Double
The Social Network
Fair Game
Public Enemies
The Killing of John Lennon
A Beautiful Mind

Movies based on real event and War
Everyman’s War
Hurt Locker
The Pianist
Behind Enemy Lines

Movies based on Books
The Motorcycle Diaries
Pride and prejudice
The Godfather
Schindler’s List
The bridge on the river Kwai

Tips for answering this Cue card topic:

1. Talk about a movie that you have watched as this would help you describing the story of the movie.
2. You should know the names of the main actor, actress, genre, producer and director of the movie.
3. Describe the story in brief. Do not start describing the details of the story from the beginning as you will run out of time before finishing the whole story.
4. Mention some of the following reasons for the question ‘Why you liked it

  • This is a critically acclaimed movie.
  • The story line is touchy and has good morality.
  • The movie was based on a real story.
  • The story depicts a historic events/ national events/ real life issue.
  • I enjoyed the acting and story of the movie.
  • The outstanding performance by an actor/ actress.
  • The movie has lots of special effect/ actions that you enjoyed.
  • It is one of the best movies based on some reliable ratings.
  • It was recommended by a friend/ family member/ teacher
  • The story reveals a fact that touched you.

Note that a movie and a film indicate the same thing. ‘Film‘ is used in British English whereas both words are used in American English. So do not get confused if the cue card asks you to talk about a film while you consider it as ‘Movie‘.

Part 3 – Details Discussion:

Q. Describe a war movie you like.
I’m going to tell you about ‘Braveheart’, a war movie directed by Mel Gibson, who was also the leading character. The movie was released in 1995 and it was written by Randall Wallace. In the 14th century, William Wallace, a Scottish warrior, leads his people in a rebellion against the tyranny of the English King, who has given English nobility the ‘Prima Nocta’ – a right to take all new brides for the first night. The Scots are none too pleased with the brutal English invaders, but they lack the leadership to fight back. Wallace creates a legend of himself, with his courageous defence of his people and attacks on the English. The film was nominated for ten Academy Awards at the 68th Academy Awards and won five: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Makeup, and Best Sound Editing.

Other war movies you can say about: The Pianist, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Apocalypse Now, Good Morning Vietnam, War Horse, Downfall, Lincoln, and Imitation Game.

Q. What’s the difference between the movies of your country and Hollywood movies?
I believe that the movies in my country aren’t that good as Hollywood movies are. First of all, the budget is really low for the local movies and that is why there are very limited opportunities. Not all scenes are impressive and there are no special effects, something that dominates in Hollywood. Furthermore, the actors in local movies aren’t so famous and talented, on the contrary in they are of worldwide fame. There are a large variety on the topic and theme of Hollywood movies. However, our local movies do not deal with a wide range of themes. Finally, Hollywood movies are released and enjoyed worldwide while our local movies are mostly made for us except some very few movies that get international attention.

Q. What do you think of the violent films?
I would say that it depends on the type of violence. To be more precise, I like movies with violent scenes because they’re interesting and include more actions. In those movies, the good wins over bad. It’s a kind of vindication and the message that good prevails over bad. I don’t like movies that involve rapes. In particular, I hate these movies. I would not say that it’s something that isn’t happening, but I think that promoting women’s humiliation and debasement is not a good thing. So, I would come to the conclusion that I partly like violent movies and specifically, it depends on the story. However, the unnecessary violence is not liked by all and I am no exception.

Q. What do you think of the violent films?
Well, computer techniques should be used to add some characteristics to movies so that they can be more impressive and believable. Especially nowadays this opportunity is much more in use than the past. Many things that were unfeasible are attainable now with the computer technology in movie industries. A remarkable example could be ‘Avatar’, a movie that was critically acclaimed and had a million views worldwide. The groundbreaking visual effects used to make humans look like extraterrestrial beings were amazing and that was the primary reason that the film broke several box office records and became the highest-grossing film of all time in England, Canada and the USA.

Q. Which parts of a movie are the most important and how to improve it?
It is an undeniable fact that all the parts of a movie are extremely important, but it seems to me that more attention should be given to the finishing of a movie. There are many examples of movies that were very interesting but the end was extremely boring and disappointing. In this case, I totally believe that the end negates all the good things that happened in the rest of the movie and leaves a bad impression on the viewers. So, my opinion is that the last part/ finishing part of a film should be of paramount importance and it can be achieved by providing a distinct and not vague message to the viewers and making things clear in their mind.

Tip: You can say about other things such as the beginning, the plot, dialogues, directing, special effects or even the acting. It’s up to you and your personal opinion.

[Part 3 answers are written by Mary, UK, Economist with Main Field of Studies in Business Economics]

Similar Cue Card Topics

Your ability to talk about this Cue Card would enable you to talk about the following Cue Cards as well:

1. Describe a movie you have recently watched.
2. Describe a foreign movie that you have watched.
3. Describe a movie you would recommend others to watch.
4. Talk about a movie that you enjoyed watching.
5. Describe a film you have recently watched.

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