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7 Movies Way Better Than They Had Any Right To Be

7. The Lego Movie

I’d have put good money on the lego movie being terrible. And then I’d have lost that money, because The Lego Movie is awesome. The first glimpses of information we got made The Lego Movie look like a confusing mix of characters across multiple lego properties mashed into a baffling cluster of cameos contained a barely disguised 90-minute lego advert.

Ultimately, it turned out to be a masterpiece of family-friendly comedy and warm, cuddly heartfelt moments to move even the manliest of men to shed a tear. The various characters always feel honest and well placed in the world,

The voice talent of Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie and Charlie Day bring the script to life, not to mention the incredible Chris Pratt killing it in his first ever starring film role.

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Chicago The Musical – Cell Block Tango Lyrics

Chicago The Musical

What does this song mean to you?

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Advisory – the following lyrics contain explicit language:

Uh Uh (squeezing necklace)

Cicero (Smoke puffs)

Uh Uh (squeezing necklace) out but everyone will say uh huh!

Cicero (smoke puffs)

Uh Uh (squeezing necklace) uh-huh

Cicero (smoke puffs)

Uh Uh (squeezing necklace) uh-huh

Cicero (smoke puffs)

Uh Uh (squeezing necklace) uh-huh

Cicero (smoke puffs)

He had it coming
He had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you’d have been there
If you’d have seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!

Uh Uh (squeezing necklace

Cicero (smoke puffs)

[LIZ (Spoken)]
You know how people
have these little habits
That get you down. Like Bernie.
Bernie like to chew gum.
No, not chew. POP.
So I came home this one day
And I am really irritated, and I’m
looking for a bit of sympathy
and there’s Bernie layin’
on the couch, drinkin’ a beer
and chewin’. No, not chewin’.
Poppin‘. So, I said to him,
I said, “you pop that
gum one more time. ”
and he did.
So I took the shotgun off the wall
and I fired two warning shots.
. into his head.

He had it coming
He had it coming
He only had himself to blame

If you’d have been there
If you’d have heard it
I betcha you would
Have done the same!

[ANNIE (Spoken)]
I met Ezekiel Young from
Salt Lake city about two years ago
and he told me he was single
and we hit it off right away.
So, we started living together.
He’d go to work, he’d come home, I’d mix him a drink, We’d have dinner. it was like heaven in two and a half rooms.
And then I found out,
“Single” he told me?
Single, my ass. Not only
was he married
. oh, no, he had six wives.
One of those Mormons, you know. So that
night, when he came home from work, I mixed him
his drink as usual.
You know, some guys just can’t hold
their arsenic.

Hah! He had it coming
He had it coming
He took a flower
In its prime
And then he used it
And he abused it
It was a murder
But not a crime!

Pop, six, squish, uh-uh
Cicero, Lipschitz

[JUNE (Spoken)]
Now, I’m standing in the kitchen
carvin’ up the chicken for dinner,
minding my own business,
in storms my husband Wilbur,
in a jealous rage.
“You been messin’ the milkman,” (it was screrwing)
he says. He was crazy
and he kept screamin’,
“you been messin the milkman.”
And then he ran into my knife.
He ran into my knife ten times..”

If you’d have been there
If you’d have seen it
I betcha you would have done the same!

My sister, Veronica and
I had this double act
and my husband, Charlie,
traveled around with us.
Now, for the last number in
our act, we did 20 acrobatic tricks in a row
one two three four, five. splits, spread eagles,
back flips,flip flops,
one right after the other.
Well, this one night we were in the hotel Cicero,
the three of us, sittin up in the hotel room
boozin’ and
havin’ a few laughs
and we run out of ice.
So I go out to get some.
I come back, open the door
and there’s Veronica and
Charlie doing Number Seventeen-
the spread eagle.

Well, I was in such a state of shock,
I completely blacked out.I can’t remember a thing.
It wasn’t until later,
when I was washing the blood off my hands
I even knew they were dead.

They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming all along
I didn’t do it
But if I’d done it
How could you tell me that I was wrong?

They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming
They took a flower
All along
In its prime
I didn’t do it
And then they used it
But if I’d done it
And they abused it
How could you tell me
It was a murder
That I was wrong?
But not a crime!

I loved Alvin Lipschitz
more than I can possibly say.
He was a real artistic guy.
sensitive. a painter.
But he was trouble
He was always trying
to find himself.
He’d go out every night
looking for himself
and on the way
he found Ruth,
Rosemary and Irving.
I guess you can say we broke
up because of artistic differences.
He saw himself as alive
and I saw him dead.

The dirty bum, bum, bum, bum, bum
The dirty bum, bum, bum, bum, bum

They had it comin’
They had it comin’
They had it comin’
They had it comin’
They had it comin’
They had it comin’
All along
All along
‘Cause if they used us
‘Cause if they used us
And they abused us
And they abused us
How could you tell us
How could you tell us
That we were wrong?
That we were wrong?

He had it coming
He had it coming
He only had
To blame.
If you’d have been there
If you’d have seen it
I betcha
You would
Have done
The same!

[LIZ (Spoken)]
You pop that gum one more time!

[ANNIE (spoken)]
Single my ass.

[JUNE (Spoken)]
Ten times!

[VELMA (Spoken)]
Number seventeen-the spread eagle.

[MONA (Spoken)]
Artistic differences.

Cicero (smoke puffs)

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What’s That Movie?

With a library of at least a thousand movies, I am a certified movie geek!

What Was That Movie Called?

“What’s that movie with that guy that did that thing with that one girl? Oh, and it was set in high school back in the 80s?”

Have you ever asked someone a similar question? Well, instead of languishing in agony, there are many different steps you can take to help you figure out what that movie is. I have outlined a few here in this article.

I have found that these steps are the most helpful:

  1. Think about the plot of the movie: What happens and what do the characters do? Is there anything important that sticks out in your mind? Something that separates the movie from others and makes it unique.
  2. Think about the setting: What period was the movie in? What cultural allusions did the film make? Did the movie reference any historical moment or any other film of note?
  3. Think about the music: Was any popular song used in the movie? It’s very straightforward to look up things like that online, so even if it’s only one song, you still have something to search with.
  4. Think about the actors: Who was in the movie? Anyone whose name you can remember? Perhaps you can only remember a character’s name, that’s still a big clue that can aid in your search.

How to Search Google When You Don’t Know the Name of the Movie?

Sometimes all you need to find the movie is a well-formulated search query on Google. Try to type in keywords and concepts unique to the movie. The great thing about the internet now is that there are so many writers out there compiling movie lists that it makes it much easier to find obscure movies that you have forgotten the title of.

I recently watched the movie Waking Life, a film about lucid dreaming, so I tried searching for it on Google without entering the title, and I was pleased with how quickly I was able to find it.

What Was the Name of That Movie?

If you have not had any luck using Google, there are other ways to search the internet to find what you are looking for.

There is a new site called What Is My Movie? which uses an AI algorithm to give you similar movies just by typing in a search phrase. The AI is the most accurate when searching for a title as it will tend to bring up movies with the search terms in their titles. Keep that in mind when using the search program as you can get some wonky results if you do not search using the correct keywords. It will take some trial and error to figure out the right search terms, but after that, the AI works quite well.

Tips for Your Movie Search

If you decide to search other places online for your movie, is a great database to use. There are lots of ways to search on this site: by title, actor, plot, or keywords. The latter two are the best if you have that pesky unknown movie in your head. It may take some time and patience, but you will find the movie most of the time.

Also, click on the search engine‘s “Search Tools” or “Advanced Search” button. There you can use filters to narrow down your search. The site is also great for finding technical information on the entire crew of any given movie. So even remembering the name of a minor actor that does not have a Wikipedia page can help you find the movie on IMDb.

What Does IMDb Mean?

It an acronym for Internet Movie Database!

Famous Songs Used in Movies

If you can figure out a certain song from the film, Wikipedia or can be useful sources for finding out what movies have used the piece. For most famous songs Wikipedia contains a wealth of information about when the song was used in other media. AllMusic is good for finding technical information such as the soundtrack that a certain song has appeared on, which can help you immensely. Even a song that may not be popular enough to have a Wikipedia page will most likely have a page on AllMusic listing the albums it has appeared on.

Ask a Question

If you are still having trouble figuring out the name of the movie, then please ask in the comment capsule below!

Some Friendly Requests

  • Be nice!
  • Scroll through other people’s questions. If you know the answer, post it. Make sure you specify the name of the questioner to eliminate confusion.
  • Finally, (I’m starting to develop a pet peeve about this one), when posting a question, if you know how old the movie is, please add that bit of information.

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Film filmed on a farm, family of four, & the son, or son and daughter, have strange powers. The boy wants to escape, the father feels they are both “too” close to each other?

Mazin H. Suhhiem

an American film about a girl who cheated her lover (who was a policeman) in order to kill her husband who won millions of lottery and when the lover discovered the trick the girl killed him.The girl is working dancer undressing

Mazin H. Suhhiem

Twenty years ago I saw an American film about a girl who cheated her lover (who was a policeman) in order to kill her husband who won millions of lottery and when the lover discovered the trick the girl killed him.The girl is working dancer undressing


A movie that I saw in the late 60’s early 70’s and I would love to see again from it’s entirety. I remember a young lady named Susan running through the woods at night because someone was chasing her and then she ends up in a lake. I think she may have drowned and I remember her long blond has moving in the water.

Mazin H. Suhhiem

Twenty years ago I saw an American film about a girl who cheated her lover (who was a policeman) in order to kill her husband who won millions of lottery and when the lover discovered the trick the girl killed him.

Mazin H. Suhhiem

Twenty years ago I saw an American film about a girl who cheated her lover (who was a policeman) in order to kill her husband who won millions of lottery and when the lover discovered the trick the girl killed him.I want to see it again but don’t remember the name of it .


Looking for a christmas move about a mum and her 2 daughters i think her husband died and a man from the bank came over in the snow to tell her about taking the house off her are something, the man had a car accident and was hurt so the mum and daughters took him in. In the end the mum fell in love with the man.

Mazin H. Suhhiem

An American film about a wife deceives her lover to kill her husband who made money in the lottery

Mazin H. Suhhiem

An American film about a wife deceives her lover to kill her husband who made money in the lottery

Jon B

Could be A Walk in the Clouds (1995).


In the 60’s I saw an old movie and would love to see it again but don’t remember the name of it. It had a scene where a young lady was running through the woods at night because she was being chased and she ended up in the lake. I believe her name was Susan because somebody was calling after her.


i found the movie i’m looking for, the name is “Tideland”, after lots of researches on the google.I’m so happy 😀

Keith Merrick

I’m afraid I can’t remember much about this film except that it centred around a vineyard where heaters had to be used to save the crop from cold weather, and that in the end it had to be replanted from the original matriarchic /patriarchic root

Mica Delverne

Looking for a movie (or maybe an episode of a tv program) I saw only one scene of, as a child. It was black and white, and I *think* it was a horror film, but I’m not sure.

The scene had an old armchair, and someone would sit in it and then suddenly the back would move and the person would be drawn in (like with a drawer, moved backwards) and vanish.

Does anyone know that movie?

Jon B

Looking for a European drama from the 80s or 90s about a lonely woman who works in a plant nursery or florist who forms a relationship with a male cross-dresser / trans-woman.

Thanks in advance!


Looking for a second movie.

This one is about a former cop that escapes prison after being convicted of being a serial killer. He seeks revenge on his wife and former partner.

He stalks his wife, wears a disguise to murder her best friend after seducing her, shoots her mother in the hospital and leaves his partner to die tied to a tree.

The wife had gone into hiding with another man who teaches her self defense and they have an affair.

This one would have been in the 90s.


Looking for a movie.

I watched it in the mid-80s. It was about a woman and her son who was being stalked by an older woman. The older woman killed their dog leaving the body in the doghouse for the boy to find.


I’m looking for a movie about a woman spelling her son’s name in a unique way so she can find him after either giving him up or losing him. I think it was a made for TV movie from the 80’s.


i’m looking for a movie, that girl had a grandmother and addicted father,and dad make his daughter to do heroin injection.Girl played with his grandma’s old barbies, and i remember it was a barbie head is winking, girl has a boyfriend that is older than him, make her to kiss him, that movie is so tragedic, and at the end of the movie, one woman rescue that girl from that terrible place, i was watching that movie when i was 7 or 6 but i cant forgot some episodes :/

reza tabrizi

The American action film of the 1980s, in which a criminal group, whose head was a man who had shot his wife in the form of a woman, and in the end, shot a woman with a helicopter


Looking for a movie from the 60s in colour where a nun has sex with a priest, gets pregnant, runs away and kills a woman who has helped her in a Marsh land. She ends up being bricked up alive in a standing position.


Hi. I’m trying to recall the title of a b&w film, probably from the 1940’s.

A seaside town much like Coney Island has a man following children and abducting them. The police can’t find him, and the locals all look for and find him. The film ends with the man being chased into a parking garage, where the townsfolk beat the crap out of him. Anyone know this oldie?


the movie came in an orange dvd case with teenage girls on the cover, blonde and brunette. i remember them attending a concert at one point, and they travel somewhere. the blonde girl dreams of a date she’s going on with a guy and he throws pebbles on her window, and leads her to this large picnic next to a waterfall. then she wakes up and goes on the date and he didn’t do too well, giving her a floppy doughnut hole. i remember there being a beach in the movie too, and at the beginning the girls are at some cafe sitting by a window prepping to leave for a trip. i gave photographic memory but haven’t seen this movie in well over a decade. i remember my dad not liking it because it had teenage boys in it and the girls were dressed to a skimpy stereotype. the movie has to have come from the early 2000s or late 90s. i’ve been searching forever for this movie but i still can’t find it and i’m losing patience. if you have any clue pls let me know asap. ty!

Robert R Kegarise

I remember a Hitchcock-like (but NOT Hitchcock) movie that has a rather ambiguous ending with a body left in a couch beside a road.

I think (maybe?) there two women who were doubles, or the same woman with different names (I forget which).

Please help me with the title!




im looking for a movie, that’s about a girl that went to a bonfire. I think she had a crush on a guy and I think his girlfriend had sent him over to the girl, they’re teenagers few weeks later ,the gets killed in her house. her mom had just left for work then came home to find her daughter laying on the staircase, they had ambush her in her own home they stabbed her , guy girlfriend was pregnant but her friends had came in and stabbed the girl for her so did the guy that talked to her at the bonfire. I’ve been looking for this movie everywhere I even google it nothing came up. hope u guys can help me find it. I just want to now the name of it and how can I watch it.


This is a sci-fi movie from the late 50’s or early 60’s. It is about a group of astronauts (one of whom is a woman) who are traveling to the planet Venus. About halfway through the movie, they see the earth blow up due to a nuclear war. They theorize that that is why Nasa included a woman aboard, so that mankind could continue reproduce on Venus. When they near Venus’s atmosphere, a voice from the planet comes on their ship’s radio. The voice tells them that they have watched Earth’s destruction, and that they may not enter their world; since Earthlings are too warlike. Any ideas? Thanks.

Sam Repp

@Lizzi4Beth I think we’re looking for the same movie

Sam Repp

I’m looking for this one movie where this teenage boy kills this girl in some sort of lake and then kills his parents by shooting his dad with a bow and arrow or something. He ends up going to prison but being released and there’s this girl that’s obsessed with him who hides in his car idek but they end up driving to this carnival and at the end of the movie they are on this boat on this lake and she starts dancing lmao but then falls in the water and he goes in to find her but he can’t and I think she dies and that’s how it ends


I am not sure but I think the movie was a drama/rom/ with a splash of comedy.

We see a couple with a teenage son and younger daughter and wife tells hubby that she cheated on him when they were driving alone in the car and he just exits the car while it’s still going.

They seperate for a bit and we see him in bars where a player takes pitty on him and takes him under his wing. He ends up sleeping with a bunch of woman one of whom happen to be his sons teacher where he and his wife go for a parent teacher con.

The guy that helped him out falls for a woman who turns out to be this guys older daughter.

If you can help I thank you in advance.


I am trying to trace a thriller where a boy marries a twin, pushes her over a balcony while looking at her new shoes, marries the second twin and tries to overthrow her father’s train distribution business.


I am trying to find a movie but I don’t remember the name 🙁

Movie is about a young couple going to a vacation house and the young women starts having a affair with the next door teenager.

I remember she was blond with a big white hat.

She killed her husband and turns out she is a lesbian and accused the young teenager boy about the murder.

Pretty much this is everything I remember.


short movie about a young female reporter that goes to visit a old lady whos deceaseds husband is suspected of being a serial killer. old lady poisons her, sexually assults her and then kills herself


HI. movie is about father who went to his country house or something like that with his two children who he sort of kidnapped, i think he had some sort of mental illness before gets stuck in there for a while while polis has him surrounded and hi is shooting them. later his daughter becomes ill and eventually he is leaving the house to survive her life, This is all I have remembered from the movie, I sow it long time ago when I was kid.


I believe you might be looking for Swamp Thing?

Or “The Odd Life of Timothy Green“?


This is a late 70’s or early 80’s movie.

Two men break into a house, early in the morning, and shoot the parents and kidnap their son.

Along the way, somehow the two men become enemies. One guy takes the kid with him while the other guy chases them down. I remember there being a shootout between the two as they are crossing a highway and run into a field. The guy chasing the other two is crushed by an oil derrick, if I recall correctly.

The biggest part that sticks out for me is that at the end, the kid and kidnapper are stopped on a bridge surrounded by police. The kidnapper looks at the kid and asks him how old he is. The kid replies, “Ten”. The kidnapper says, “Ten, huh.” And then turns the gun on himself and commits suicide.


Hello fellow members

I’m searching for a movie, not too old, probably in the years 2000-2008 .

I only recall 2 events :

1. At night The mother / carer goes to the daughters bedroom where there are mice / rats surrounding the daughter ( on her bed,knees against chest) and the mice / rats attack the mother leaving scratches on her arms / hands, thereafter the mother wakes up,as if it was a premonition, goes to the daughters bedroom ( daughter in the same position) with no mice / rats however still has the scratches on her arms / hands.

2. A train station scene where a woman runs down into the train station (can’t remember if she was being chased or not), however once on the train station platform, there is a group of individuals that have tied up a different female to a chair,when the group leaves / runs away, the woman on the chair is already dead,decapitated with her head falling to the ground.


I’ve been looking for a movie or TV-episode. Unfortunately, I only remember two particular scenes:

1. A mother and her daughter are playing outside, under the roof of a pavilion. She turns her child in circles, but suddenly, the mother falls to the ground, blood streaming out of her head. She has been shot.

2. Years later, two investigatros enter the mother’s house. Everything is dipped in greenish colors. They find a small tape behind a heating device with the murderer’s voice on it.

I’ve been looking for this movie or episode for the past 15 years. I believe that it’s an early 90s production, either American or Canadian. That’s all I remember. It would be great if anyone had an idea! Thank you so much in advance.

Plus: There’s another movie I’ve been looking for. I believe it was a comedy about a woman sent from heaven and a man sent from hell. They meet on earth. Also 90s.

Thank you so much in advance!


Need help finding movie.

Indie film where a young man gets out of jail/or hospital and has strong urges to kill and meets a girl who gets him to kill her on a boat at the end either by strangling or drowning.

Rogue Dom

8 days ago from Lancaster County, PA

@Zoe That would be 1999’s Jawbreaker with Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Judy Greer and Julie Benz, I believe.


I do not remember the name of the movie nor the actors, but I do remember it took place before and during world war 2.

The story the movie tells follows a mentally challenged man from his early life in an orphanage(I think it started there) until he accidentally kills a child trying to get closer to her in order to share a book from his childhood with her.

From there is first put into jail, and then through some plot twists I do not remember ends up being a groundskeeper for Filed Marshal Göring, and then after that ends up as a recruiter and handy man at a SS hitlerjugend operated castle. The story ends as the castle is attacked by the allies and all the children he helped to take care of are killed and he alone survives to wander into the mists.

Trying to find this movie has been driving me crazy, so if anyone knows what the title of it was then that would be much appreciated.


This is an older teen movie, probably from the 80s to 90s. The plot is that a group of girls prank their friend for her birthday by staging a kidnapping. They break into her house and use a gobstopper so gag her mouth. When they decide to stop the prank, they open the boot of their car (where the girl has been placed) but found that they have accidently killed her. They take her back to her house and stage her death as a rape.


Nathaniel Stamper

8 days ago from Lancaster

There’s a movie from the 80s or early 90s, and all I can remember is one scene. There is a car chase, and a truck is dragging a chain link fence, and a man is hanging on the fence being dragged on the pavement. I know this is random but does anyone have any ideas?


Does anyone know the name of a movie where there is two brothers and the older brother leaves the younger brother and he gets lost then they find the younger brother and he doesn’t want to talk anymore I think this is an old movie.

A line from a movie

Does anyone know where the line “Howdy, boys!” is from?

Said by a badass woman, I only remember her voice. Maybe Michelle Pfieffer-y or Angelina Jolie-ish?


I think that’s a Terry Gilliam movie from 2005, it’s called “Tideland”.

Hope that helps, have a good day 🙂


There is a movie probably from the 90s where i can remember the family of the star was in a home by a lake and some men came across the marshy lake and killed the entire family. The star survived by jumping into the lake and washed up bearly alive another part of the lake

Rogue Dom

9 days ago from Lancaster County, PA

@Rieza This is a long shot, so probably not what you’re looking for, but there s an old horror movie about a small group of kids who get locked in a shopping mall overnight and are chased by an evil security robot. It was called Chopping Mall. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?


. Continued from 2 days ago. this movie aired on subscription such as shotv/hbo around early-mid 2000s. I’ve done so much google work I am left in despair. It is not a common mainstream movie otherwise I wouldn’t have to give a shout out


Ouch. I’m afraid it doesn’t have Ashton k. In it. Please help!

It does sound like I explained butterfly affect but not same storyline..frustrating


Hello, can someone please help me find the name of this movie. I am pretty sure it’s an Australian suspense movie, or maybe British suspense movie. The plot is three friends, one is a bride to be, they are traveling somewhere I assume trying to remember to celebrate her bachelorette or maybe they are trying to get to the place she is supposed to get married at. Sorry for the confusion, but on their way to the place they planned to go they meet some weird guy who is creepy like maybe a perverted type of creepy something is odd about him. He follows them and ends up being killed, I am pretty sure one girl hit him in the head with a rock, they hide his body in their trunk and their car ends up breaking down, they meet a lady who lets them stay with her but she ends up being crazy, she seems normal but then towards the end it is seen she’s crazy I am sure she killed her daughter and she makes weird deep voices as if she is possessed but the movie never made it clear if she is possessed or just something else. She wears the bride to be dress I remember and wore fisherman boots and carried a chainsaw


Im looking for a movie about small group of friends arrived in small town,and they’re visit some kind of creepy grocery store..then accidently they’re chased by weird evil robot..kind of horror slasher movie ,similiar with texas chainsaw plot story,i think its 80’s – 90’s movie , maybe somebody could help the title of movie is? thanks a lot

kayla cook

I’ve been trying to remember what these movies are for like 10 years! If someone knows what I’m talking about that would be awesome!!

1. All I remember from this first one is that 2 black people are having sex in bed, the camera comes up the guys back when he’s on top and shows that he has the word ‘K I N G’ tattooed across his shoulders. I believe that movie also had something to do with drugs. I feel like this one came out in the late 90’s/early 2000’s

2. There were cops or investigators or something at this woman’s house in the kitchen, they’re asking her questions and they ask her why she painted her kitchen yellow. She answered that it reminds her of the sun. I feel like this one came out in the 80’s.

3. All I remember from this one is that there’s a guy and a girl in a hotel room, there’s a surveillance camera in the corner, which is what we’re watching from, and I believe the guy rapes the girl.


A japanese/chinese movie were two lovers, man and woman, fight with swords. In the end the guy stops fighting the woman and lets her stab him with the sword. The woman then gets sad, even though they wanted to kill one another, and asks why the man stopped fighting/defending himself. He then says “Because I love you” and she says (crying) “Why didnt you say so before? She then sits behind her dead lover and pushes the sword that is inside him through herself too and they both die a tragic death.

Detail: I believe there were rose leafs falling all around them throughout the fight and the death.

Does anyone know the name of the movie?

Wanda Brown

What is the movie where the girl argues with her finger puppets and then buries them in the chest cavity of a dead guy




@ Ron Wilsbach Jacob’s Ladder (1990)




movie where a guy gose to a chinese store or resturant where the master is a woman he ends up being shown the place and they tie ribons to the trees on the roof he gose there to vist. This woman was caight in a fire. While being showed thw tour of the place he has flashbacks of the woman’s past and the terible fire and breaks down crying under the metal stairs to the roof . that as all i can remenr and i ha e this dream of this movie sometimes and i k nm ow its a movie


Hi, I just had the most irritating experience ever – there was this person on the plane watching a movie that caught my attention (after I woke up from a nap) I have been trying to find it but as I could not hear anything and started it midway through I could not. So the part that I saw is about a woman and a man living in the woods. They seemed married probably against her will – the actress had ling brownish hair, the actor was tall, bearded guy. They were living in the woods and it seemed quite cold.He seemed like a hunter hunting for animals and they were wearing furr and very warm clothing. At some point I think he kind of raped her so she wanted to escape from him but while running away she got her leg trapped in a bear lock or something. During this time he was out hunting and then when he retured he saw she was missing. He went searching and found her half dead in the snow. This is where the person on the plane stopped it. Does anyone k ow the movie?


This has been killing me. ….trying to remember an older (90’s) maybe movie. the scene I can remember is a student is asking his teacher some questions. almost like an interrogation about stealing school supplies or something like that. she says NO as a stapler falls out from between her legs. the a few seconds later, a bunch of supplies fall to the ground from between her legs. lol. to which the students says. “you have some strong thigh muscles, Mrs. “Can anyone help me on this??


Austin that movie you describe might be “Butterfly Effect”


I apologize for vague description but haven’t seen this movie over ten years but this movie has been driving me crazy for last couple years..such a great movie for what I remember but I’ll do my nest to explain.

This man travels back in to his childhood but as his younger self. There are bright colored houses and everyone is formally dressed so I imagine it takes place in 60s/70s when he is growing up. He remembers occurrences that has happened from his future self and tries to change the affects, altering the future.

As time passes he spends time with a girl (dancing in rain in city park?) one night and she ends up getting shot/murdered. He tries to discover shooter but was unable to right away..

Later, as he has grown up from going back into the past and he sees himself again (think it was another time traveler, so it was another younger paradox of him)

Jerry F

40s or 50s movie in which little kid dislikes mothers new boyfriend with a scene in which the kid hides from him in the parking lot of amusement park I think is Playland, Rye NY.


George, that sounds like “V for Vendetta”.


Try Final Jeapordy (1985)


Looking for a 80’s movie it evolved some terrorist torturing a prisoner by driving a drill through a guys leg. Think it was a cheesy 80’s action flick


I’m trying to find a movie where a young man, I believe causes an accident and then goes to the family in the accident and helps them. they invite him to their lake house where he starts to cause trouble, he makes a pass at the wife and flirts with the daughtr. You come to find out the the husband really is his father. In the end they turn out to accept him and all is well. I believe Corin nemic was the boy in it but I cannot locate any of his movies like that.


Okay movie about i think a sorority group of girls and they are in college or a group of friends and either on either of them dies and they all hide it or someone’s killed her and they find out later on and they all start dying I’m not sure it was something like that it reminds me a little bit of Jennifer’s body

Iam Mortor

I am trying to find a movie, In where the protagonist has a girlfriend who has a prosthetic leg, he also has an imaginary friend, he lives with his mom but his mom seems to be kinda like in love with him, almost at the end of the movie he rapes his mother and the next morning he found her dead, hanging from a tree or something, she killed herself. I remember there’s a scene in where his girlfriend tells him that she is a monster for not having her leg and he tells her something like “I like you because of your defect”. It’s a pretty weird movie. Anyway, hope someone can help me. Bye! 😛


I’m trying to identify a scary movie or TV episode I saw on TV in the late 80s, possibly early 90s. It is night. A female character (blonde?) is being followed by a sinister man in a cemetery, but she doesn’t know it. She opens a burial vault and/or coffin and there is a dead woman inside. She climbs in, lies beside her and says “I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.” She pulls the vault closed. I think they are sisters, possibly twins.

R J 1977

N. Jean – I think you might have the plot turned around. Try the movie “Made In Heaven”. I myself recently got a copy of the movie myself because I was looking for the movie where a man gets born on earth to look for his wife from heaven. He is told he only has 30 years to find her without being able to remember her. in the end he does find her and then they get to remember each other. I think that’s the movie you are looking for.

R J 1977

I am looking for a movie where the family is having a picknick in the backyard and the mom dies sitting in a lawn chair while the rest of the family is inside the house just to get away from her cause she makes them all miserable. When the mom gets to heaven she gets told that she has to go back down to earth as an angel trying to get her wings because she has to make sure that the son she left behind on earth locates the father who never knew he existed.


movie about a woman attacted in the rain then takened in by a super


I think your old UK movie is I Know Where I’m Going with Wendy Hiller


I remember flipping channels at my grandpa’s house when I was 9, which was back in 1998. I came across a movie where a group of people, probably in their 30’s, were in the woods. A monster appeared on four legs ( i think ) and began to chase them. One guy tripped over a log which allowed the monster to catch up and bite his head off ( partially, or all of it, i can’t recall). IIRC, the monster also had large teeth. I absolutely cannot find it anywhere


Help! I’ve been trying to figure out this movie for 15 years. I saw one scene, reminds me of Micheal Jacksons Thriller Music Video. A young black guy, similar to Prince and Micheal Jackson, looks into a window or basement window to see a group of people having dinner. I don’t know what he sees’s becayse I can’t remember, I know it’s something scary because he runs away and they saw him looking.

That’s all I got, I think it’s a 80s or 90s horror movie.


Im looking for a movie about small group of friends arrived in small town,and they’re visit some kind of creepy grocery store..then accidently they’re chased by weird evil robot..kind of horror slasher movie ,similiar with texas chainsaw plot story,i think its 80’s – 90’s movie , maybe somebody could help the title of movie is? thanks a lot


So im looking for a movie where 2 teen (i think they’re teens) are kidnapped and taped up in the back of a van, and one of them has a cell phone and calls 911 but isnt able to speak to the operator so she pushes buttons to let them know shes still on the phone. And then another scene is, one of the girls is in a camper and shes jumps out of it while going down the highway. And then another scene the kidnappers stopped somewhere in the woods and took one of the girls further in the woods to shoot and kill her but just shoots the ground (I think to make the other kidnapper think that he did kill her) but then he just leaves her (i think anyway). Then another scene the girls (or girl) were in a barn and one found something to cut the tape off of her wrists and then one guy found her and taped her wrists again and then took her in his truck and started driving away and then the police were there, and one officer sniped the guy in the back of the head when he was driving away. And thats all i remember from that movie


This movie is where a younger blonde woman has a one night stand with the devil (or a demon) and has a little boy. The boy is blonde and he is evil. I remember a scene where he cuts of an animal head and puts it on the fence post. He also kills a woman. The most memorable scene is when the mother tries to drown the boy in the ocean (or maybe she was trying to babtize him?) and when she’s leaving him and looking back from the car window and he utters that he loves her or something like that and she keeps driving away.


My mom and I have been trying to figure out what this movie is for years.. all we remember is a woman who has long, thick, dark hair growing out of her knee and she tries to pull it out. At the end she crawls through a dark tunnel and ends up reborn as a baby. Any ideas.


This movie takes place in a small town during the depression. It’s black and white. Maybe made in the late 30’s early 40’s. A man arrives at a small hotel/inn. He is supposed to meet a man and give him $1000.00. He asks the older man at the reception desk to put it in the safe for him. He does but puts it in an envelope with the name of a guest who owes the hotel owner money. Later the owner is being given an ultimatum by the grocer for his overdue bill and opens the safe to show him there is no money. He sees the envelop with his guest’s name on it and thinks he has paid his bill so he gives it to the grocer to pay his grocery bill. The grocer in turn uses it to pay his overdue rent to the landlord. The landlord uses it to hire an attorney who is down on his luck, he gives it to his wife who uses it to pay the artist who is painting her portrait. The artist who is the hotel guest gives it to the owner who has been tracking the money down after finding out it didn’t belong to him but to the man who put it in the safe


Your movie is “Rebecca” by Alfred Hitchcock


Movie about a girl who was locked away in an attic by her Grandpa because she was a wolf or something. Police find her and she tells the story of these people who begin to lose their teeth and grow big sharp ones, grow more hair. It was the same scary story her Grandpa told.


I remember a couple of movies in the 1960s Ive never been able to find what they were, one had an ending scene with a small group of boys on a hillside I think in the UK, and an adult man, a teacher or something, and they gave him something to drink that was drugged and after he passed out they cut his “core” out (heart)

The other had two children, I think in the UK, witnessed some crime and a policeman was trying to kill them, and they were frantically trying to tell someone it was a POLICEMAN who did the crime, it seemed to be some kind of espionage theme, and if it’s the same movie I remember a scene from- someone was murdered by an assassin sticking a long hair pin in that hollow spot below his ear- ouch!


I’m looking for a movie in which the main character is framed for a murder. They leave a gun besides an open window in a building and he grabs it (he’s in the building) somebody shoots a guy in the street and everyone thinks it’s him (I think it was some politician or something that was killed). Later his wife and daughter are kidnapped in some kind of compound and he has to rescue them there. I watched it like 10 years ago so I have vague memories, and logically I don’t know the actor actresses that were in it to search for it in IMDB, I thought Kiefer Sutherland was in it as main character but looking through his movies it seems I was wrong. I’d say the movie was released between 2000 and 2007 or so. I’ve been looking for it for ages but can’t find it, aghhh.


I am looking for a movie about a troubled teenager who moves to a new town in a desert setting and joins the football team. He meets a Native American who teaches him about life and responsibilities and says something about when you see a white stallion it means who have found yourself or something like that. The movie builds up to that moment. I’m pretty sure its a disney movie or at least that’s what station I watched it on. Its a very obscure movie. Definitely not a well known one.

Rogue Dom

2 weeks ago from Lancaster County, PA

@Rich Vaux You might be thinking of Shallow Hal with Jack Black.

The White Crow

It’s an american movie (before 2000) about a girl who sees a man get stabbed while on the bus in some big city, so her parents send her to spend the summer in the country with her uncle, his wife and his daughter. Turns out her aunt (uncle’s sister) named Grace (or Gracie) got hit by a car or a truck and went crazy so they send her to hospital but now years later her brother took her back. One day Grace went to the river with the uncle’s daughter to catch fish, but there was a storm and Grace panicked and turned over the boat and the girl drowned. So the uncle’s wife hated Grace and said she killed their child, but he refused to send her to the hospital again. Some time later there was a storm and floods and Grace panicked again and took some scissors for some reason, the uncle’s wife tried to take the scissors and they fought and Grace stabbed her and she died. Meanwhile the uncle and the men of the town were building an improvised dam to stop the water. Grace panicked and went running aimlessly around the city and found a woman who was about to give birth but her husband was away building the dam so she tried to ask for help but she couldn’t walk. Grace helped her give birth, and the woman named the baby after her. When the uncle found out about the events and his wife being dead he built a cage on his truck, and locked Grace there in order to bring her to the hospital. He took the city girl back to her family and went away with the truck supposedly to bring Grace to the hospital. Then they show him in a field and he shot Grace. A narrator says the uncle lived in his house alone for a while and one day he got on his truck, went somewhere and never returned.

Rich Vaux

Its a 80s movie about a guy who has a large blonde girfriend but sees her as a beautiful model like girl while everyone else sees her as she really is. Thx


Eva that movie is called “Pet Cemetery” The book by Stephen King is one of the scariest he’s ever written.


I’m looking for a movie i saw when i was younger. I think it starts off with a family having a picnic in some type of grass area, then the little boy starts running around or whatever but next thing he gets ranned over by a semi truck. The movie goes on but at the end the father goes to a hill to make some sort of witch/devil deal to bring his son back. And i guess he was told not to go because something would go wrong and at the end the son is brought back to life and ends up killing his family.

Ive been looking for this movie my whole life, plz help


I saw the last 30 minutes or so of a movie in the mid 80s as a kid where there were three girls getting chased through a scary amusement park. Two of the girls encounter what appears to be the ghost of someone who wants revenge; the ghost is revealed to be a projector and the third girl reveals that she’s behind it and I think she wants revenge because the other two killed her friend, sister, or relative. The two girls end up jumping into a chute and they get killed from the fall. At the very end, I recall the surviving girl in tears confessing to a boyfriend or love interest that she killed them, but only meant to scare them. The movie then reveals that the man actually intentionally caused their deaths by jamming the doors at the bottom of the chute and you hear his thoughts say “You didn’t kill them; I did.” and the credits roll. It was more of a thriller, and NOT a violent or gory horror film – may have been a TV movie or episode of something.


Patti, that is similar to Nightmare on Elm Street 5, except it’s a nun rather than a nurse.


Renee, that sounds like the 2002 film Dragonfly with Kevin Costner.

Frankie cooper

whats the name of a movie when a woman is having premonitions about a little girl in danger by a man who is trying to save her in a fire but in the end the little girl is the woman. I had seen it on lifetime before.

James G

Ok, I’m not sure if anyone knows their anime here. Especially a really obscure scene from a movie I watched as a kid back some time between 2000 and 2005. I remember it came on one of the movie channels like HBO. The only scene I remember was that a boy or teenager who had gotten hurt in some way, had been rebuilt I think with some robotic or prosthetic limbs. I want to say he was struggling to get help for his family at this point. Anyways, he was climbing up along a huge industrial pipe trying to get to some place I cannot remember and a helicopter or gunship came and shot him down and killed him. It was a really sad and tragic scene. It was a long time ago so my memory is a little fuzzy, but I have thought of it often and was trying to find it. Thanks for any help!


An older man marries a young plain looking lady because his first wife was beautiful and unfaithful and has died. He brings her back to his home and the maid doesn’t like her and ends of dieing in the home which caught on fire.

Jasmin Rilea

Im looking for a movie about a girl who takes a year off instead of going to college. She falls inlove with someone she slept with. But then he gets engaged to someome else. She works at a library with an old creepy dude as her boss. She has a blog.


man falls in love with female doctor, they go to the mountains and she ends up in a tragic car accident and he starts to see visions of her

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